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Stiltecno Srl has been successfully and enthusiastically operating in the Italian and international funerary sector since 1987.
With its decades-long experience, Stiltecno can fulfill any type of request submitted by its customers, and also provides them with solid, essential technical support for achieving an excellent final result which satisfies even the highest expectations.
Stiltecno is a totally reliable partner for professionals who are looking for a quality product that will not be altered by the years that pass, as well as for those who prefer to do business with a dependable expert that offers advice and helps with their decisions. 

Mission and values:

Passion and professionalism are the primary inspiring forces behind the Stiltecno team, who work tirelessly to achieve excellence in both technical performance and appearance.
Stiltecno is a reliable, professional partner that provides its customers with products of the very highest quality, while also offering assistance and advice.


Ongoing research into the design and execution of new products demonstrates the company’s desire to faithfully express the Made in Italy concept through refined, elegant lines.


Stiltecno has got UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 - Certificate by DNV